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Afghanistan is one of the civs in the Civ Battle Royale. It is led by Mirwais Hotak and it's capital is Kabul.

Afghanistan was a middle-tier civ before the invasion by Vietnam, with high culture and production but a relatively weak military. Afghanistan, with the help of the terrain and Finnish/Mongolian/Tibetan peacekeepers, was able to slow the Vietnamese advance for multiple parts, but lost all its eastern territories. They were made to give up many of their remaining cities in the peace deal. Multiple civs then declared war. The Antarctic colonies were conquered by the Boers, and Susa was reconquered by Persia (Afghanistan was winning initially and flipped Gordium, but the war turned against their favor after a Finnish unit blocked the mountain pass, it is unknown how this effected the outcome of the war), leaving Afghanistan with only three cities.

Afghanistan is the first and last civ to follow Order, one of the only three civilizations to do so, and one of the only eight civilizations to adopt any ideology other than Autocracy. Afghanistan, Tibet and Japan are now the only surviving non-Autocratic civs.

 In the latter part of WW2, Sibir attempted to invade Afghanistan, but were unable to cross the mountains, especially with the help of some Finnish units. Vietnam's declaration of war on Sibir made the prospect of taking Afghanistan alot less likely, and then Afghanistan actually invaded the far more powerful Sibir, using it's paratrooper divisions to snipe Gyumri and Carrolton from Sibir as Finnish and Vietnamese forces fought the Siberians across Asia. Carrolton was retaken by the Finns but Gyumri (a former Armenian city) was safe beind friendly and neutral lines.