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The Civ Battle Royale Mk. 2 is the second and current installation of the Civ Battle Royale series. The game featured 61 civs on a Giant Earth map with true starts. It's first part was released August 11 2015, and lasted 83 parts before the game crashed due to errors with mods. The Blue Cassette team later reconstructed it as CBR Mk. 2.1.

Currently the game is a 119 completed parts, with the last part, the enlarged part 120 being currently recorded.

History of the game[]

This part of the page should be focussed on real history in the real world, dont use spoilers.

Setup, Beginning[]



Blue Cassette Restoration[]


After the Hiatus the game proceeded as usual, until in Part ___ , due to clear domination by one civ and overall less eventfull global politics, the Blue Cassette team decided to declare total war.

After some parts of this showed the clear persistent domination of one civ, and with turn times steadily increasing, Blue Cassette decided that the 120th Part of the CBR would a be a long final part. Currently this part is still being recorded.

Ingame History[]


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The Beginning[]

The first Era of the game, going from Part 1 to Part 40~ saw the establishement of some Major Powers on all continents, with The Inuit takeover of North America in Part 40, the domination of the Caribeen and northern South America as well as spain by the Buccaneers, the strong Sweden, Iceland and Finnland in Europe, The strong Boers in Africa and Sibir, Yakustsia and Vietnam in Asia, as well as Australia in, well, Australia.

Imperialism Era[]

This Era saw the conquest of most rump states and the fall of some Early empires


Originally set to have 59 Civs and one observer, it was expanded to 61 prior to release date, with The Ashanti and Sri Lanka being added to balance West Africa and India respectfully. The Civilizations and their download links are as follows:

*Current Steam Workshop Link is Broken (Inuit, Boers and Philippines)