Officially announced on the 15th of December, the CBR Mk. 3 will be, you guessed it, the CBR's third iteration,was set to go live on the 26th of December. However, the release date was first delayed to January, before being put on hold due to the revitalization of Mk. 2 and Colonialist Legacies handing over control to Blue Cassette.

When it is eventually released,it will host 50 civilizations and 12 nation states in the usual Earth TSL map and will be streamed live on twitch with video summaries made so people can catch up on the action. Other features include; live data visualization, a twitch audience controlled camera, and the return of charity donations.

Confirmed CivilisationsEdit

The full civilisation roster has been announced, they are (in order of confirmation):

The Nation States

Candidates and their Download LinksEdit

The list below includes the candidates for each region and their repective steam workshop download links (If they have been released that is).

Northern AmericaEdit

Western North America (3 Civs)Edit

  • The Salish (Seattle)

Central North America (1 Civ 1 CS)Edit

Eastern North America (2 Civs 1 CS)Edit

Caribbean (1 Civ)Edit

Southern AmericaEdit

Mesoamerica (1 Civ)Edit

Brazil/Amazon (2 Civs 1 CS)Edit

Central Andes (1 Civ)Edit

Southern Cone (1 Civ 1 CS)Edit


Polystralia (4 Civs 1 CS)Edit

South East Asia (2 Civs 1 CS)Edit

Japan (1 Civ)Edit

East Asia (3 Cvs 1 CS)Edit

Central EurasiaEdit

India (2 Civs 1 CS)Edit

Central Asia (2 Civs 1 CS)Edit

Siberia (3 Civs)Edit

Russia (2 Civs)Edit

Middle EastEdit

Asia Minor/Caucasus (1 Civ 1 CS)Edit

Iran (1 Civ)Edit

Mesopotamia/Levant (1 Civ)Edit

Arabia (1 Civ)Edit


The Nile (1 Civ)Edit

Eastern/Southern Africa (3 Civs)Edit

African Gulf/Sahel (2 Civs 1 CS)Edit

North Africa (1 Civ)Edit

Western EuropeEdit

Iberia (1 Civ)Edit

France/Benelux (1 Civ)Edit

British Isles (1 Civ)Edit

Eastern EuropeEdit

Scandinavia (2 Civs 1 CS)Edit

Central/Eastern Europe (1 Civ)Edit

Italy (1 Civ)Edit

Balkans (1 Civ)Edit

Other ModsEdit

  • Religious Settlers
  • Flagship Promotion
  • Forts and Canals
  • Sea Bridges
  • Addtional Natural Wonders
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