In the heat of the Japanese gangbang, Japan's chances of surviving plumeted. It was a nightmare when one of Japan's closest neighbors, Yakutia, joined the fight. 

Fall of Osaka 1560CE

The fall of Japanese Osaka in 1560CE, executed by the Yakutian military.

Yakutian troops stormed the lone Japanese city of Osaka. However, they were not alone. Korean peace keeping forces made roadblocks and blockaded the waters around Japan.

Unfortunately, Japan's time was limited. Yakutian bombers opened fire on the city. High-tech units nearly surrounded the city. And finally, it all ended. The city was Yakutian. However, Korean chairman Sejong had watched it all very closely. 

Yakutia had done it. They had angered the tech monster of Korea.

Korean ships, XCOM, and other units assisted the Japanese great war infantry in retaking the city. Other Korean troops invaded the Yakutian homeland. Taking out Japan was not forgivable. Now Japan looks like they are here to stay, and Korea will almost double in size. 

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