The Power Rankings in the context of the CBR consist of a list of rankings published alongside every part. A team of Power Rankers, referred to often as the PRs, determine a list between themselves and provide small analytical bites alongside images and statistics about each civilization. During Mk.II, a public poll was added to the rankings, counting as equivalent to a single PR.

Since the start of the first CBR, the Power Rankings have continuously evolved in style, becoming much more professional and organized- at the beginning there wasn't even a spreadsheet for input, and statistics such as standard deviation were calculated manually.

The original PR team for Mk.II consisted of fifteen rankers, reddit users an_actual_potato, Nevikcrn, Wigmaster999, 19683dw, Andy0132, IcelandBestland, Poom3619, 5566y, Pizzarcato (now known for his civballs), GloriousBeachead, mrweista, patkellyrh, KirbyATK48, LacsiraxAriscal, and a guest ranker, who often ended up being TPangolin. In Part 62, ThyReformer was added to the team, and in Part 64, KirbyATK left to be replaced by Bluesox, notable for creating the BRSE.

Following the hiatus, a new team was created for Mk.III by TPangolin. Andy and ThyReformer were part of this new team, alongside jmangelo, Admiral_Cloudberg (known for the Groundhog Day AI Game Series), TA_Knight, Engima, Mallock (later Glycolysis), Scissor_Fingers (a modder), Msurdej, and TechnostarBTD5. When Mk.III did not come to fruition, the team were carried over into Mk. 2.1, with the return of Lacsirax, patkellyrh, Nevik and Poom. Following the departure of TA_Knight, jmangelo became the head of the PR team, and as Mk. 2.1 drew to close, recruited again after Enigma and ThyReformer stepped down, bringing in Lordie_Staven (who, alongside LunarNeedle, had been working with the team for some time), Borsthestylish, Aaron_lecon (notable for his extensive stats analysis), Homusubi (another modder), Doom, and Timrtabor, to bring the team up to a total of seventeen PRs not including the public vote.

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