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Texas is a civ in the Civ Battle Royale. It's original capital was Austin, but its only current city after a large war with the Inuit and another with Mexico, is Laredo.

The Country's so-far immortal leader is Samuel Houston. Texas is one of the few members of the Order of the Rump, a group of city-states rumoured to hold a large amount of power in international politics, however its membership was challenged after their war with Mexico, reconquering some of their lost cities before losing Austin and being reduced to a city state once again.

Texas was an expansive civilization, with an empire stretching from Laredo to the Midwestern America. Eventually, though a gallant resistance fought bravely for their nation, the Inuit and the Mexicans took much of Texan land, and even Austin at one point, till beaten off. Texas, though it has been reduced to a rump state, will always hold much respect from fellow nations, for her fighting skills.


Capitals owned:

None, Government held out of Laredo.