The 2nd Kamchatkan War took place between 920 BC and , between Yakutia and the Inuit.

The 2nd Kamchatkan War (-920 - )
Belligerents :
Yakutia The Inuit

Ekeuhnick, eager to expand his Asian territories declares war on the Yakutian chief, Tygyn Darkhan, in 920 BC. At the beginning of the war, the Yakutian fleet is in the Okhotsk Sea, while the Inuit two times bigger fleet is resting near the Bering Strait.

Igloolik, the biggest Inuit city in the region, defending the canal between the Okhotsk Sea and the Anadyr Gulf, is attacked in 890 BC, but is quickly defended.

Yakutian frigates advance on the Arctic Ocean and reach the Inuit territory in 870 BC. Ikaluktutiak is attacked ten years later. The Yakuts seem to be winning, but the Inuit forces are coming.

Yakutia takes Sendai (eastward from Sakhalin) in 840 BC. Inuits recapture the city in 820 BC. Ikaluktiak and Wotjulum (city founded upon the ruins of Japanese Wakayama) are being attacked.

Wotjulum is taken by Yakutia in 780 BC, and Sendai next. However, at this stage, there are no more Yakutian ships, and the Ice Fleet has arrived. The Inuit ships take back Sendai and Wotjulum. Then occurs a long, long stalemate...

In 670 BC begins the naval battle of Taloyoak.

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