World War 2 is a current event happening, starting in part 64, it so far has 3 parts to it, with the possibility of more to come.

Pre-World WarEdit

The start of WWII is hard to place, but for simplicity, we will say that is began with the Persian Liberation of Israel in Gaza in 1546 CE, proir to wich, the world mainly had it's focus on  Asia, where Korea was making inroads into Mongolia, Yakutia was bombing Osaka, the Australia-Vietnan war was still at the Borneo-Philippine front, and, probably most importantly, Persia was at war with Sparta and Vietnam. 

Persian Liberation of Israel in Gaza, 1546 CE

This of course caused Persia, in a final act of desperation to become memorable, to liberate Gaza and Artashat to their original founders, reviving Israel.

According to reports at the time, the Boers then responded to David's call for a crusade to liberate Jerusalem (a misson that was soon forgotten as the war raged on), bringing Iceland along with them in the initial attack in 1548 CE. 

Australian capture of Santiago de Chile, 1556 CE

Meanwhile in South America, the Brazilians launched yet another attack on Chile, joining the Australians in a war that did not see any action until 1556 CE when the Australian navy seized control of Santiago de Chile.

Part 1: 1558 CE - CEEdit

The war on Sparta was progressing, with the loss of Utique and Carthage to the Boers, and Rome to Iceland.

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